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In college my roommates would tear my papers apart, especially the ones with page long sentences. In marriage I finally had someone around me who could spell. So, how did I end up being a writer? Tenacity? A desire to teach and to share ideas with a broader audience? The need to get clear myself about what I was thinking? I suppose it’s for all of those reasons—especially the passion for teaching!

However, despite the fact that I have been writing for forty years now, writing is still not all that enjoyable for me. It’s just brutally hard work— like entering into one end of a dark tunnel, not knowing how long it will be, or how long it will take to get through it, but aware that you must keep moving forward until you get to the other end.

Finally, once the writing project I’ve tackled is complete, it usually feels satisfying to have given voice to a few exciting ideas and to have put them together in a somewhat novel, hopefully engaging, fashion.

Ah, but the vow never to undertake another similar project always seems to fade after a time as new ideas start bubbling to the surface. And then, up comes that old tunnel again. (Indeed Sisyphus was apparently not the last word in self-created repetitive frustration.)

Go figure the lists that follow . . . .

Books | Multi-Media Packages | Video-Based Training Courses with Skill-Building Guides | Relaxation / Meditation | Keynote & Educational Presentations

Don is author of more than twenty books on the whole person approach to wellness promotion with an aggregate total of more than two million copies in print. He has authored numerous technically-oriented multimedia training packages, video study courses, audio meditation/relaxation programs and keynote/educational presentations.


  • An Idea in Evolution: History of the Wholistic Health Centers Project 1970-1976. Society for Wholistic Medicine, Chicago IL 1976.

  • The Process of Engagement: The Initial Health Planning Conference—An Interdisciplinary Approach to Whole Person Health Care, with William M. Peterson and Nancy Loving Tubesing. Society for Wholistic Medicine, Chicago IL, 1976.

  • Wholistic Health Centers Survey Research Report: Survey Research of Patients and Providers, with Sally G Strosahl. Society for Wholistic Medicine, Chicago IL, 1976.

  • Forty-Four Steps: Toward the Establishment of a Wholistic Health Center. Wholistic Health Centers, Hinsdale IL, 1977.

  • Wholistic Health: A Whole Person Approach to Primary Health Care. Human Sciences Press, New York, 1978.

  • Kicking Your Stress Habits: A Do-it-Yourself Guide for Coping With Stress. Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN, 1980, 1988, 1996. (New American Library Signet Edition, New York 1982) (Russian Language Edition, Medicina, Moscow, Russia, 1990). Over 400,000 copies sold.

  • The Caring Question: Finding a Healthy Balance, with Nancy Loving Tubesing. Augsburg, Minneapolis MN, 1983.

  • Living with Stress: A four-session training manual for facilitators. Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN, 1983.

  • Structured Exercises in Stress Management: A Handbook for Trainers, Educators and Group Leaders, all with Nancy Loving Tubesing. Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN.

    • Volume 1, 1983

    • Volume 2, 1984

    • Volume 3, 1986

    • Volume 4, 1988

    • Volume 5, 1993

  • Structured Exercises in Wellness Promotion: A Handbook for Trainers, Educators and Group Leaders, all with Nancy Loving Tubesing. Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN.

    • Volume 1, 1983

    • Volume 2, 1984

    • Volume 3, 1986

    • Volume 4, 1988

    • Volume 5, 1993

  • Seeking Your Healthy Balance: A Do-it-yourself Guide to Whole Person Well-Being, with Nancy Loving Tubesing. Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN, 1991, 1996.
  • Just Coffee: Caffeine with a Conscience, (support writer/publisher). Interfaith Border Ministry, Douglas AZ, 2008.

  • Welcome Them Home Help Them Heal: Pastoral Care and Ministry with Service Members Returning from War, with John Sippola, Amy Blumenshine, and Valerie Yancey. Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN, 2009.

Multi-Media Packages (Books, Audio and/or Video Components)

  • Impact: Freshman Orientation Program, with Nancy Loving Tubesing. Listening Group, Milwaukee WI, 1970, Tune In: Empathy Training Workshop, an eight session multi-media package for facilitating listening skills training for professionals and paraprofessionals. Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN, 1973.

  • Stress Skills: A Structured Strategy for Helping People Manage Stress More Effectively, Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN, 1977. Book and audio program of two-day stress management educational program for helping professionals.

  • Rx for Burnout: A Structured Strategy for Promoting Vitality and Preventing Burnout in the Care-giving Professions, with Mary O’Brien Sippel and Nancy Loving Tubesing. Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN, 1981, Book and audio program of two-day burnout prevention seminar for helping professionals.

  • The Stress Kit, with Nancy Loving Tubesing. Aid Association for Lutherans Insurance Company (now Trivent Financial) Appleton WI, 1983. Package includes “The Stress Examiner” (newspaper), “Networking Calendar” (stress activity catalog), “Pile Up” (card game and ten-step planning guide), “Stress Talk/Stress Release” (audio interaction program with progressive relaxation). Over 300,000 of these mult-imedia packages have been distributed.

  • WellAware: Community Wellness Promotion Course. Miller Dwan Medical Center, Duluth, MN, 1985. An award-winning community-based six-session program including presentation videos and accompanying personal reflection workbooks.

  • The Y’s Way to Stress Management, with Nancy Loving Tubesing. YMCA National Program Office, Chicago IL, 1986. The official YMCA Stress Management Program introduced and taught internationally in 2300 YMCA from 1986-1990.

Multiple Session Video-Based Training Courses with Skill-Building Guides
Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN

  • Manage It: Personal Stress Reduction (1987), six sessions
    Stress Traps, Stress Overload, Interpersonal Conflict, Addictive Patterns, Job Stress, Survival Skills.

  • Making Healthy Choices (1988), six sessions
    Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating, Healthy Exercise, Healthy Stress, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Change.

  • Managing Job Stress (1989), six sessions
    Handling Workplace Pressure, Clarifying Roles and Expectations, Controlling the Workload, Managing People Pressures, Surviving the Changing Workplace, Balancing Work and Home.

  • Workplace Relationships (1990), six sessions
    Building a Positive, Productive Environment, Negotiating Conflict, Preventing Sexual Harassment, Addressing Diversity, Working with Difficult People, Meeting the Challenge of Change.

Audio Relaxation/Meditation Programs
Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN

  • Breaktime, 1993

  • Countdown to Relaxation, 1993

  • Daybreak/Sundown, 1993

  • Daydreams 1: Getaways, 1986

  • Daydreams 2: Peaceful Places, 1993

  • Daydreams 3: Relaxing Retreats,1994

  • Healthy Balancing, 1993

  • Inner Healing, 1993

  • Natural Tranquilizers, 1993

  • Personal Empowering, 1993

  • Relax . . . Let Go . . . Relax, 1982

  • Spiritual Centering, 1982

  • StressRelease, 1992

  • Take a Deep Breath, 1992

  • Warm and Heavy, 1988

Keynote & Educational Presentations
Whole Person Associates, Duluth MN

  • Beyond Peptalks and Handouts, 1984

  • Quest for the Holy Grail, 1988

  • So You Want to Be An Author, 1988

  • Staying Evergreen, 1988

  • StressTalk/Stress Release, 1983

  • You Alone Can Be Well, But You Can’t Be Well Alone, 1983

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